Girl Group of the Week: REDSQUARE

RedSquare – Prequel


REDSQUARE [RSQ] (레드스퀘어) *With Bomin and Lina leaving and the remaining 3 members moving to Mellow Entertiantment, I’m considering REDSQUARE disbanded. The new group/rebrand will be under IRRIS* Members: Social Media + : Members: *Bomin changed her legal name to Yehyeon post-disbandment

RedSquare (also written as RSQ) was a 5-member girl group under ICONIC MnE. The group’s members consisted of 4 former Good Day members and another member that had debuted as a soloist. They debuted in 2020 and presumably disbanded in 2022.

Prior to debuting Green (as Genie), Chaea (as Cherry), Ari (as Nayoon), and Bomin, had all debuted in C9 Entertianment’s 10 member girl group Good Day.
Lina had debuted as a solo artist under About Entertainment with the name BLENN.

In March of 2020, About Entertainment (the group’s first company) announced that their first and only girl group, would be debuting sometime that year. In April, the company started to release faceless teasers that represented the members: “A” for Ari, “L” for Lina, “G” for Green, “B” for Bomin, and finally “C” for Chaea. They then had a video and photo teasers of the members revealed. On May 19th, the group would release their first and only album Prequel and its title track ColorFull. In December the group had annouced that they would be signing to ICONIC MnE.

In 2022, after a year of inactivity on their RedSquare social media accounts, new accounts with the name IRRIS had posted that the group would be rebranding, and members Bomin and Lina would not be in the redebuted line up. This would be the end of RedSquare as the new group would launch with Green (now I.L), Chaea (now Liv) and Ari (now Yunseul) would be joined by a 4th member, Nina, and would no longer be using the RedSquare name.

Post disbandment, Bomin changed her name legally to Kim Yehyeon and is linked to the dance crew/girl group ALDL where she reunited with 2 fellow former Good Day members, Unia (Haeun/Yeah) and Hana (Viva/Sunn). Lina is now going by her legal name Serina and is now focusing on musical acting. The 3 members that redebuted into IRRIS have a mini and single album and are planning a comeback for later in 2023.

Girl Group of the Week: Boys World

Boys World for Mantrum

Boys World Profile

Boys World [Best Of Your Self] Members: Social Media + : Members:

Boys World is a 5-member American girl group under KYN Entertainment. They debuted in 2020 with their single Girlfriends.

In 2019, the members of the group, Elana Caceres, Lillian Kay, Queenie Villaluz, Makhyli Simpson, and Olivia Ruby, were scouted by KYN Entertainment, through their singing videos on various social media platforms. They were then moved to LA where they would buy a house and start producing their music. The group was fully formed in April of 2019.

In September 2020, the group made a “teaser single” titled please hold to tease their debut single which would release later that year. Girlfriends would release in October, marking the groups official debut.

In January of 2021 the group releases their second single Wingman. Their 3rd single, Tiptoe would be released in March. In April, they then released their first EP album While You Were Out and the music video Relapse. Their 4th single, All Me, would release in May, and their 5th, Something in the Water, in August.

In 2022, the group releases their 6th single, So What, in July.

In 2023, their 7th single, Mantrum, was released in January.

Girl Group of the Week: Bling Bling

BlingBling for Contrast

Bling Bling Profile

Bling Bling [블링블링] Members: Social Media + :

Bling Bling was a 6-member group under MAJOR9 Entertainment that debuted in 2020. Member Yubin was known for being on Produce 48 where she ranked 88th.

In August and September of 2020, the group began releasing the members names and profiles. They released covers and performance videos until October 25, 2020, when the company announced that the group would be debuting with the digital single G.G.B.

In May of 2021 the group announces their first comeback. On the 20th of that month the group released their first and only mini album Contrast and the title track Oh Mama.

On July 26th, 2022, MAJOR9 announced that the group’s contract had been terminated, just a few months short of the groups 2-year anniversary.

Choi Jieun and Yubin decided to stay under MAJOR9 after the group’s disbandment as actresses and solo acts, though neither have debuted as either an actress or soloist. All the members opened Instagram accounts and are active on their social media.

Girl Group of the Week: BeautyBox

Beauty Box for B-STEP

Beauty Box Profile

Beauty Box [뷰티박스] Members: Social Media + : Girl Group of the Week Post

Beauty Box is a 6-member girl group under BY-U Entertainment. They debuted in September 2021 with Beyond of BB. The group is made up of members with multiple nationalities. Sori and Gahyun are Korean, Rina and Sara are Japanese, Jerin is Thai and Anh is Vietnamese.

The members were first revealed in June of 2021 on YouTube. All but 1 member, Sori, were shown publicly, as Sori was a secret member until August where she was finally revealed. In September of that year, they officially debuted on the 23rd, with their first single Beyond of BB and its title track Rat-A-Tat. That November, the group announced Wibbon to be their fandom name.

In March 2022, they announced their first online concert mini concert, which was held in April. In June they announced a comeback with the mini album B-STEP and its title track, Boggle Boggle. In November of that year, the group, excluding Anh who was absent for unknown reasons, released a special single Higher Up! as support for the Korean team in the 2022 FIFA Cup. It was later announced that Anh would be on medical hiatus for the time being and that the group would promote as 5 while she was away.

Girl Group of the Week: DreamCatcher

L-R: Yoohyeon, Siyeon, Sua, Dami, Gahyeon, Handong, Jiu

Dreamcatcher Profile

Dreamcatcher [드림캐쳐 – ドリームキャッチャ] Members: Social Media + : Members: EXTRAS:

Dreamcatcher is a 7-member group under Dreamcatcher Company, formerly HappyFace Entertainment. Before debuting 5 of the members (JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami) had previously debuted in a different HappyFace group called MINX where they released 2 singles before HappyFace then added 2 members to the lineup (Handong and Gahyeon) and redebuted the group under their current name with a rock-horror concept which was completely different from their previous work.

On January 13, 2017, the group debuted with their single album Nightmare and the title track Chase Me, which kicked off the groups Nightmare era. Later that April, the group release their second single album, Nightmare: Fall Asleep in the Mirror and the title track Good Night. They released thier first mini album that year in July called Prequel and its title track Fly High. The group then go on tour from September to February of the following year.

In January of 2018, the group release a digital single to celebrate their 1 year anniversary called Full Moon. In May of that year, they release their next mini album, Nightmare: Escape the Era and its title track You & I. This release marked the end of the Nightmare era. The group then went on their next tour from July til August. In September, they release their 3rd mini album Alone in the City and its title track What. On November 21st of that year, the group makes their Japanese debut with What – Japanese Ver.-. This marks the groups signing with Pony Canyon which lasts until 2021.

January of 2019 brings the groups second anniversary and another special single to celebrate, this one titled Over the Sky. They then release their 4th mini album, The End Of Nightmare, in February, along with its title track PIRI. This is when the company changed its name to Dreamcatcher Company. The group releases their 2nd Japanese single, Piri~Fue wo fuke~ (~笛を吹け~) -Japanese ver.-, in March of that year. The group then goes on their 3rd tour from March til December of 2019. While on tour, the group releases You and I -Japanese Ver.-, in August and their first full Japanese album The Beginning of the End in September. In September, the group releases their first special mini album, Raid of Dream, and its title track Deja Vu, which was a collaboration with the King’s Raid mobile game. The title track was used as the games theme song.

In February of 2022, Handong is placed on inactive status due to her participation in Youth With You 2, an idol survival show based in China. That month they release their first full Korean album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language and its title track SCREAM, which kicked off their Dystopia storyline era. In March they release the Japanese single Endless Night. The group then collabs with soloist AleXa and boy group IN2IT to release a COVID-19 education and safety song. They then get their second video game OST in July titled R.o.S.e Blue, for the game Girl Cafe Gun. In August the group releases the mini album Dystopia: Lose Myself and its title track BOCA. In October, Handong officially returns to the group after a year. They then release the Japanese single No More in November.

In January 2021, the group releases their 6th mini album Dystopia: Road to Utopia and the title track Odd Eye. This marked the first korean comeback since Handong’s return. In March they released the Japanese single Eclipse. The groups second special mini album, Summer Holiday and its title track BEcause, were released in July.

The second leg of the groups Dystopia storyline kicked off in April of 2022 with the release of their second full-length album, Apocalypse: Save Us and its title track Maison. This release was the group’s first music show win after 6 years of being active. In October of that year they release their 7th mini album, Apocalypse: Follow Us and its title track, Vision. The group while on the European leg of their 2022 world tour, announced that all 7 members had renewed their contracts with Dreamcatcher Company, a full 2 months before they expired.

Girl Group of the Week: PRITTI-G

PRITTI-G for Love Taker

Pritti-G Profile

Pritti-G [프리티지] *This group is a redebut of the kid group PRITTI* Members: Former Member: Social Media + :

Pritti-G was originally a kid’s group, known as PRITTI, prior to their 2021 re-debut. The original group had a few line up changes before they reformed in 2021. The last members of PRITTI were Lee Jinseul, Lee Wonjeong, Sojeong, Sarang, and Yoonji. The last three stayed to form Pritti-G along with 2 other members, Yeryang & Jiyoung under Enterrobang Music.

PRITTI-G officially re-debuted on August 31st 2021 with the digital single HOLA. The next month they released a special single called Buckle Up.

In March 2022, the company announced that Yoonji had terminated her contract and had left the group. The group would continue on as 4 members. That same month, they released their second digital single Let Me Out.

August 2022, they release their 3rd digital single Love Taker.

Girl Group of the Week: Choa & Way (Strawberry Milk)

Choa & Way for My Universe

Choa & Way (Strawberry Milk) Profile

Choa & Way [초아 & 웨이] *With Crayon Pop unofficially disbanded this unit is now its own separate group* Formerly as: Strawberry Milk (딸기우유), Minjin X Minsun (민진 x 민선)Debut (Y-M-D): 14-10-05Former Main Group: Crayon PopLabel: High Fly Music/Chrome EntertainmentMusic Videos: Korean: OK! (오케이), My UniverseAlbums: Korean as Strawberry Milk: Jackpot [Mini Album], Vul Vol.1 -…

Choa & Way was originally a 2-member subunit for the girl group Crayon Pop. With the main groups unofficial disbandment the subunit has turned into its own group.

Made up of twins Heo Minjin (Choa) and Heo Minsun (Way), the subunit debuted as Strawberry Milk in 2014 with the mini album The 1st. Mini Album/Jackpot and the title track OK!.

The members then promoted as Crayon Pop until their next release in 2016, Vul Vol.1, which was a digital single. That same year they also released Always for the Mirror of the Witch OST Part.4. When the main group made their comeback with Evolution Pop Vol.1, the subunit released a b-side for that album called Hello. This would be the main groups latest release and also the last release the unit had as Strawberry Milk.

In 2017, the unit then release a Christmas digital single as Minjin x Minsun (the members real names) titled Christmas for You.

Sometime between 2018 and 2019 the main group would go on hiatus and all the members would be active for solo activities or active on their individual social medias. During this hiatus the unit transitions into being its own group.

The group would not release anything until 2019, when they release a digital single and MV titled My Universe, as Choa & Way.

In 2020, Choa debuted as a soloist with the song 요리송.

In 2021, she released a digital single for the YouTube channel School Food Girls called Dreaming

The members are both active on their social medias and YouTube channels.

Girl Group of the Week: Feistar

Fiestar during Apple Pie promotions

Fiestar Profile

Fiestar [피에스타] Debut (Y-M-D): 12-08-31Disbanded: 18-05-15Label: LEON Tree (now FAVE Entertainment)Music Videos: Korean MVs: VISTA, We Don’t Stop, I Don’t Know (아무것도 몰라요), One More (하나 더), You’re Pitiful (짠해), Mirror, Apple Pie (애플파이)Albums: Korean: “Sea of Moonlight with IU” LEON Tree Summer Special [Special Album], Wicked ft Tiger JK [Pre Release Digital Single], VISTA…

Fiestar was a 5-member group under LEON Tree (now known as FAVE Entertainment). They debuted in 2012 with 6 members, Cao Lu, Jei, Linzy, Hyemi, Cheska, and Yezi.

In 2012 LEON announced a girl group that would consist of 4 Korean members, 1 Chinese member (Cao Lu) and 1 American member (Cheska). The group made a predebut single with IU called “Sea of Moonlight”. In August, the announced a pre-release single “Wicked” which was a collab with JYJ’s Junsu. The group then officially debuts on August 31st with “Vista”. In November, they release a pre release single “Sweet Love” and make their first comeback “We Dont Stop”.

In 2013, the group has a lot of solo promotions until August, when they release a prerelease single called “Whoo!”. They then release their next comeback “Curious” with the title track “I Don’t Know”.

In 2014, LEON announces that Cheska would be leaving the group. The group then releases a collab song called “I LOVE KOREA”. In July, the group makes their first comeback as a 5-member group with “One More”.

February 2015 comes with the announcement of the groups first mini album. In March they release BLACK LABLE with the title track “You’re Pitiful”. In December, Yezi releases a single of her song she performed on Unpretty Rapstar.

In January 2016 Yezi makes her solo debut with “Foresight Dream”. The group makes a comeback in March with A Delicate Sense and the title track “Mirror”. In May, the group releases Apple Pie, which would be their last song.

On May 15th 2018, almost 2 years on hiatus, the group announces that Linzy, Hyemi, Jei, and Yezi decided not to renew their contracts and that the group would disband that day.

After disbanding, Cao Lu, Jei and Linzy are now actress and Hyemi and Yezi are both soloists.