GGP’s list of amazing nugu releases from 2018

2018 was a year full of one hit wonders and funky songs! With big groups releasing some of their most memorable songs, here is GGP’s list of nugu releases that we still listen to in the year 2023!

Heart Ppyeong – Sugar Tint

Ahh my one hit wonder girls. They dropped my favorite 80’s themed hit and then disappeared.

Hi Five – Cherry On Top

2018 nugu girls really had SOMETHING in their music that hit different. This song definitely was on my most played in 2018.

Mmook Jji Bba – Saturday

This song is what made me a Sunday. SD give them a comeback please.

Crazy Gone Crazy – Berry Good Heart Heart

Berry Good dropped this unit on us, and we did not appreciate them the way we should have.

I Mean – UNI.T

Best disbandment song of 2018. They deserved so much more though.

The Boots – Gugudan

The entirety of Cait Sith was amazing and Jellyfish can rot for letting the girls sit in the basement.

Blue Moon – Gyeongree

Her solo debut was exactly what we needed in 2018.

Grapes – Busters (Beta)

This was my single most played song in 2018. The concept fits this era of Busters so well! You can references to things in 2018 that were viral (Jooe’s iconic Topicana commercial being the most prominent one)

Kemi – GGB

This song is such an ear worm! The concept is super cute too!

Some You’ll Be Mine – Nature

AHHH i love this song so much! Its such a classic Nature song and embodies the cute & funky concept of early Nature so much! Nature using the concept change that so many kpop artists today are using in their second release ever!!

On Air – We Girls

This is another song that was on my replay list for 2018. The music video is also super pretty!

Dream Note – DreamNote

Another group that embodies the cute & quirky sound of 2018 ggs! Dreamnote’s debut was amazing!!

Hey Leader – HOLICS

This choreo was so hard to learn for 2018 me. I love the outfits and the girls hair styles a lot in this MV

Wake Me Up – BlueFox

With this being the only song the group released, I hate that it never got the love it deserved! Another one hit wonder for the list

Pang Pang Pang – Hint

I hate that this didnt get a proper mv but this song is still in my heart anyway!

What The Heck – Sha Sha

As ShaSha’s disbandment song, this one was a banger. Its so cute and bubbly!

Im Your Girl? – Khan

I’m Your Girl not making Khan the hit duo of 2018 is a travesty. Both girls did amazing for this release and I miss them. A 3rd one hit wonder for this list

Log In – Aqua

This group has SO much potential! I love the concept behind their group!

Iriwa – PinkFantasy

The debut track of one of my favorite groups! Iriwa is so fun and is also such a good introduction to their sound.

Yellow Pink – Lipbubble

I feel like if I describe this song as “pink lemonade” that makes complete sense.

Maemmaeya – Purple (Hashtag)

This unit is so good!! I love the MV and the song a bunch! Excited to see the full group comeback later this year.

Woo Woo – DIA

With this being their last release with Jenny, who was my bias at the time, this song holds a special place in my heart.

Sugar Cake – CoCo

This song was stuck in my head for a full year after it came out! The dance version is also so cute!

Bibidi Babidi Boo – Honey Popcorn

The backlash this group did not stop them from making a certified banger of a debut album!

DDu Ru DDu PPa Ra PPa – ShaFla

And if I said this was my favorite ShaFla track, I wouldnt be wrong!

Prince – YJIG

One Hit Wonders hit different! The dance is super cute and all the members are adorable! I’m glad a few got to redebut!

Oh! My Mistake – April

The outfits, the mv, the concept, this comeback was amazing! I’m also a sucker for a retro sound!

Puzzle Moon – GWSN

This debut was one that I didnt know I needed but I’m glad I got to experience! This whole album is an amazing debut album that got to show a bit of what the girls were able to bring in later albums.

Touch – SoRi

Literally my top played soloist in 2018. She helped finish the year out with a masterpiece!

Link to the playlist in Spotify and Youtube format:

*Spotify is missing GBB’s Kemi & Lip Bubble’s Yellow Pink. Cherry On Top’s Hi Five is unavailable in some countries.