Discography: Alice (formerly Elris)

Alice Discography:

Single Album:

Dance On

  1. Lavish Light
  2. Dance On

released: 22-10-27 single album

Digital Single:

Power Of Love

  1. Power Of Love (내 안의 우주)

released: 22-05-03 digital single

Elris Discography:

Mini Albums:

We, First

  1. Searching For Elris (Intro)
  2. We, First (우리 처음)
  3. My Star (나의 별)
  4. Miracle
  5. You and I (너와 나)

released: 17-06-01 debut mini album

Color Crush

  1. Heat Bank
  2. Pow Pow
  3. Roopretelcham (열려라 그대)
  4. Wonderland Girl
  5. Farewell (짝이별) (feat. Kim Sang Kyun a.k.a A-Tom)
  6. Midnight, Moonlight

released: 17-09-13 mini album

Summer Dream

  1. Summer Dream
  2. Will Be Mine (찰랑찰랑)
  3. Talk To Me (말해) (Prod. Ravi)
  4. Lovely (챙겨주고 싶어)
  5. Focus

released: 18-06-28 mini album


  1. Intro
  2. Jackpot
  3. This Is Me
  4. Like I Do (해봐)
  5. No Big Deal

released: 20-02-26 mini album

Digital Single:

Miss U

  1. Miss U (그립다)

released: 19-11-12 digital single


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