Pink Fantasy Through The Eras

PinkFantasy members in MVs in order from newest to oldest

Alice in Wonderland – 2021

Poison MV
Miku and Momoka joined Heesun in being guest members

Lemon Candy – 2021

Lemon Candy MV
Aini, Sanga, & Yubeen left the group and Heesun was added as a guest member

Playing House – 2019

Playing House Dance MV
Heesun left the group and Yubeen was inactive due to health issues

Fantasy – 2019

Fantasy MV
Yubeen was not active due to health issues

Iriwa (JP) – 2019

Iriwa (KR) – 2018

Iriwa MV
Rai left the group after the MV was filmed so she has no close up shots but is in group shots
Yubeen replaced Rai in the stages and the audio