Discographies – Girl Groups

Discography: a groups entire selection of albums and track lists, OSTs, Collabs ect.

These pages will include a groups entire discography including individual members discography. If a member has gone solo, all of their solo discography will be on their solo profile (i.e: Red Velvet’s Wendy has all her OST, Collaborations, and Features on her solo page not on the Red Velvet Discography page)


Album Category:

Album Title

  • Track #1
  • Track #2
  • Title Track

Release date: 00-00-00 album type


  • OSTs:
    • “Song Title” (Members Featured) – Project Title (YEAR)
    • “Another Title” (Full Group) – Project Title (with Other Group’s Member) (YEAR)

KPOP Discographies: