Covergraphy: Everglow

A list of covers made by Everglow

no concert covers (not including KCON)

Dance Covers:

  • Produce 48 – Rumor [OT6 Cover]
  • Bishop Briggs – River [OT6 Cover]
  • Girl Group Songs by Generation [OT6 Cover]
    • 2018-2011 (Momoland- BBoom BBoom, Red Velvet- Red Flavor, Twice- Cheer Up, Gfriend- Glass Bead, Apink- Mr. Chu, f(x) – Hot Summer)
    • 2010-2006 (Kara – Mister, Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra, 2NE1 – I Don’t Care, 4minute – Hot Issue, SNSD – GEE, Wonder Girls – Tell Me)
    • 1998-2005 (Jewelry – Super Star, Fin.K L – Everlasting Love, Baby V.O.X – Yayaya, S.E.S – I Love You)
  • Ariana Grande – No Tears Left to Cry (Studio CHOOM) [OT6 COVER]
  • Monsta X – Shoot Out (Mnet Performance Parade) [OT6 Cover]
  • NCT U – Boss (Mnet Performance Parade) [OT6 Cover]
  • EXO – Love Shot (Mnet Performance Parade) [OT6 Cover]
  • KARA – Mister (Mnet Cover Dance Relay) [OT6 Cover]
  • Red Velvet – Red Flavor (Mnet MCD Dance Challenge) [OT6 Cover]
  • BTS – Dope [OT6 Cover]
  • Megan Trainor – Me Too [OT6 Cover]

Vocal Covers:

  • Money Cord (Vocal Medley] [Sihyeon & Mia]
    • Jennie- Solo, Blackpink- Forever Young, BTS- Spring Day, Twice- TT, Goblin OST- Beautiful, Zion.T – The Song, Frozen OST- Let It Go, Seenroot- Sweet Heart, Blackpink- As If It’s Your Last, 2NE1 – I Don’t Care, Red Velvet- Red Flavor
  • ABIR – Tango (Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook) [MIA]
  • Birthday – Katy Perry (Happy Sihyeon Day 2021 Special) [Sihyeon]

Dance & Vocal Covers:

  • Red Velvet – Be Natural [OT6 Cover]
  • Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra [OT6 Cover]
  • KCON 2019 Thailand (Twice – Fancy) [OT6 Cover]
  • Lee Hyori – U Go Girl ( Cover) [OT6 Cover]
  • KCON:tact 2020 Summer (Twice- Feel Special) [OT6 Cover]
  • KCON:tact 3: Kpop Cover Special (Everglow) [OT6 Cover]
    • Kara- Lupin, SNSD- Genie, Miss A- Good-Bye Baby, Red Velvet- Red Flavor, Blackpink- Kill This Love
  • KCON:tact 4 U – Sistar Summer Medley [OT6 Cover]
    • Touch My Body, Shake It, Loving U