Girl Group of the Week: Feistar

Fiestar during Apple Pie promotions

Fiestar Profile

Fiestar [피에스타] Debut (Y-M-D): 12-08-31 Disbanded: 18-05-15 Label: LEON Tree (now FAVE Entertainment) Music Videos: Korean MVs: VISTA, We Don’t Stop, I Don’t Know (아무것도 몰라요), One More (하나 더), You’re Pitiful (짠해), Mirror, Apple Pie (애플파이) Albums: Korean: “Sea of Moonlight with IU” LEON Tree Summer Special [Special Album], Wicked ft Tiger JK [Pre…

Fiestar was a 5-member group under LEON Tree (now known as FAVE Entertainment). They debuted in 2012 with 6 members, Cao Lu, Jei, Linzy, Hyemi, Cheska, and Yezi.

In 2012 LEON announced a girl group that would consist of 4 Korean members, 1 Chinese member (Cao Lu) and 1 American member (Cheska). The group made a predebut single with IU called “Sea of Moonlight”. In August, the announced a pre-release single “Wicked” which was a collab with JYJ’s Junsu. The group then officially debuts on August 31st with “Vista”. In November, they release a pre release single “Sweet Love” and make their first comeback “We Dont Stop”.

In 2013, the group has a lot of solo promotions until August, when they release a prerelease single called “Whoo!”. They then release their next comeback “Curious” with the title track “I Don’t Know”.

In 2014, LEON announces that Cheska would be leaving the group. The group then releases a collab song called “I LOVE KOREA”. In July, the group makes their first comeback as a 5-member group with “One More”.

February 2015 comes with the announcement of the groups first mini album. In March they release BLACK LABLE with the title track “You’re Pitiful”. In December, Yezi releases a single of her song she performed on Unpretty Rapstar.

In January 2016 Yezi makes her solo debut with “Foresight Dream”. The group makes a comeback in March with A Delicate Sense and the title track “Mirror”. In May, the group releases Apple Pie, which would be their last song.

On May 15th 2018, almost 2 years on hiatus, the group announces that Linzy, Hyemi, Jei, and Yezi decided not to renew their contracts and that the group would disband that day.

After disbanding, Cao Lu, Jei and Linzy are now actress and Hyemi and Yezi are both soloists.

Girl Group Of The Week:

GirlKind – Good Vibes Only


GIRLKIND (걸카인드) Debut (Y-M-D): 18-01-17 Disbanded: 22-08-13 Label: (KOR) Nextlevel Entertainment (JPN) YKA Entertainment Music Videos: Korean MVs: Fanci, S.O.R.R.Y, Future (퓨쳐), Psycho4U, Good Vibes Only (이 분위기에 취해) Albums: Korean: Fanci [Single], Broccoli [Single], S.O.R.R.Y [Single], Future [Single], Psycho4U, Good Vibes Only [Single] Subunit: GIRLKIND…

GirlKind was a 4-member group under Nextlevel Entertainment. Originally a 5-peice, they debuted with Medic Jin, JK (or Jikang), Xeheun, Sun J and Ellyn. Known for their interesting sound and amazing vocals the group disbanded in August 2022.

On January 17th 2018, their debut single, “Fanci”, was released and described as a dance hip hop tack. Fanci was followed a mixtape called “Broccoli”. Their second official comeback, released in June, was called “S.O.R.R.Y” (Story Of Remember in Recent Year). Medic Jin wasnt seen in videos starting in July and sometime later announced a hiatus for medical reasons. In October, Xeheun makes her solo debut with “Vibe On”.

In March 2019, Jikang makes her solo debut with “Split”. By May, all 5 members are active and hints of a comeback are underway. In August, they debut their first subunit GIRLKIND XJR, which consist of members Jikang and Xeheun.

In March of 2020, Sun J goes on hiatus to focus more on her studies. The group releases their first comeback single as 4 members, “Future”, also in March. In April, the company announces Sun J has decided to leave the group to focus on her studies. They release “Pycho 4 U” in November of the same year.

In July 2021, they release their 5th single, “Good Vibes Only”. Ellyn participates in the show, My Teenage Girl, where she was eliminated in episode 3, during first eliminations.

In 2022, they announce a concert series in Japan “GIRLKIND Tokyo Live 2022” where it was held from April to May. In August 2022, the company deletes all the content off of their social media accounts or deletes the accounts entirely, causing fans to fear disbandment. Later that month, Nextlevel Entertainment announce that the group has decided to disband due to internal struggles. The group officially disbands on the 13th of August after 5 years of activity.

Soloist Of The Week:

Yukika – Scent

Yukika Profile

Yukika [유키카 – 來可] Debut (Y-M-D): 19-02-11 Label: Ubuntu Entertainment (KR), Universal Music Japan (JP) Music Videos: Korean MVs: Neon (네은), Cherries Jubiles (좋아하고 있어요), Soul Lady (서율여자), Insomnia, What Are You Doing Tonight? (오늘 밤 뭐해), Loving You (여자이고 싶은걸), Scent (향기) Collabs: Starry Lights (별빗)…

Yukika is a Japanese singer and actress under Ubuntu Entertainment. Before her Korean debut she was known as a Japanese nicomo (a model for a specific Japanese magazine called Nicola). She then later debuted in 2008 as a member of the idol duo Choco & Mimi as Choco. This group was based off of a drama series by the same name, which Yukika was an actress in.

She debuted in Korea as a member of the project girl group, Real Girls Project, in 2017. The group was formed for the tv drama The Idolmaster KR, a Korean version of a Japanese show by the same name. This group presumably disbanded after the groups promotions finished and the show ended in 2018.

In 2018, Yukika auditioned and was accepted on to the idol survival show MIXNINE where she represented MOLE Entertianment, along with 3 other contestants. She was eliminated in ep. 10 where she held the rank of 34.

In 2019, she was revealed to be under Estimate Entertainment, where she then debuted as a soloist with her city-pop inspired single “Neon”. She then released an additional single and a full-length album under Estimate, before announcing she would be leaving the company in 2020.

She then signed to Ubuntu Entertainment in December of 2020, a company founded and run by her former manager. In 2021 she releases her first mini album and another single.

In 2022, she announces that she would be getting married and also releases another single album.



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January 2021: Comebacks/Debuts/Disbandments


C: Chinese, K: Korean, E: English, T: Thai, O: Other, MV: MV Release

  • 1st
    • DALsooobin – Eyes Like Snow Kb
  • 4th
    • I.C.E – Oh My God K
  • 8th
    • KEEMBO – Love Me 4 Me K
  • 11th
    • (G)I-DLE – HWAA K
    • Lili – Balance K
    • Hayeon – Walk Away K
  • 12th
    • Haeri – Pop Song K
  • 13th
    • Yubin – Purfume K
    • Youha – Abittipsy K
  • 14th
    • AleXa – Never Let You Go K
  • 19th
    • Berry Good – Undying Love K
    • Chung Ha – X K
  • 20th
    • Cherry Bullet – Cherry Rush K
    • Daisy Daisy – Don’t Worry Be My Boy T
  • 21st
    • PinkFantasy – Lemon Candy K
  • 22nd
    • Saturday – Only You K
    • Itzy – Not Shy (ENG Ver) E
    • Kim Yeji – Scared K
  • 26th
    • Dreamcatcher – Dystopia: Road To Utopia K
    • IZ*One – D-D-Dance K
  • 27th
    • IU – Celebrity K
    • RedSpin – Lets Break Up T
  • 28th
    • Hyuna – I’m Not Cool K
    • DALsooobin – Sign K
  • 29th
    • Boys World – Wingman E


Reguarding Botopass:

Botopass is a new girl group from WKS ENE and XX Entertaintment. The group consists of former ILuv members Jiwon, Cuixang, and Seoyoon.

However, a former ILuv member, Minah, has made allegations that some of her former members have mentally and physically abused her to the point of extreme depression and suicide. As it stands WKS has denied the allegations and Minah has been posting on her Instagram.

I personally dont feel comfortable posting and promoting a group that may have people that have harmed another person. Until actual evidence comes out in support of the Botopass members I will not be making a profile for them, nor will I be updating the ILuv profile past the groups disbandment.

-Admin Oli