Girls Planet 999: Where Are They Now?

Girls Planet 999 was the Korean survival show that premiered August 6th 2020 on Mnet (KR), iQIYI (CHN), & AbemaTV (JPN). The 99 contestants sorted into 3 groups (Korean – K, Chinese – C and Japanese – J), with 33 contestants in each group. Here is where the 99 contestants ended up after the show.

Sorted by: Elimination Rounds ; with Final Cell/P Rank & Final K/C/J Group Rank

Cell: A 3 member unit made up of 1 K group, 1 C group and 1 J group trainee

Planet Pass: 1-3 trainees picked by the mentors to move on in the show regardless of final rank

1st Eliminations: the top 17 cells were allowed to move on, while cells 18-33 were eliminated regardless of individual rank, except for the 1 trainee from each group that was a planet pass pick. (45 total trianees eliminated)

2nd Eliminations: The lowest 10 rank from each of the K, C, J groups were eliminated, except for the 3 planet passes. (27 total trainees eliminated*)

3rd Eliminations: The 9 trainees with the least amount of votes were eliminated in this round by individual scores with no group limit, meaning a whole group could have been voted off. Only 1 trainee was allowed a planet pass. (8 total trainees eliminated)

4th/Final Eliminations: The 9 trainees with the least amount of votes were eliminated, while the remaining 9 would go on to create the final group, Kep1er. (9 total trainees eliminated)

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QUEENDOM – Where Are They Now?

Queendom was a reality survival show that aired on Mnet in 2019. The contestants on the show were established groups and soloists that fought to see who would reign on the charts when they all released a single on the same day.

This post is to show what those groups and soloists have been up to since the show ended 3 years ago.

queendom logo
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Idol School: Where Are They Now?

4 years and 1 group debut later where are the trainees from Mnet’s Idol School (2017) now?

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Produce Season 3 (Produce 48): Where Are They Now?

Produce 101 Season 3 or better known as Produce 48, aired in June to August of 2018. This show combines both Korean trainees and idols from the J-pop mega group AKB48 (and all its Japanese sister groups) to make a 12 member group, IZ*ONE.

Where are the contestants of the show now that it has ended?

I try to keep this as updated as i can, so if you have any information please let me know!

I have decided to put the real rankings of Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun seeing as how IZ*ONE is disbanded and the show is over.

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