Girl Group of the Week: REDSQUARE

RedSquare – Prequel


REDSQUARE [RSQ] (레드스퀘어) *With Bomin and Lina leaving and the remaining 3 members moving to Mellow Entertiantment, I’m considering REDSQUARE disbanded. The new group/rebrand will be under IRRIS* Members: Social Media + : Members: *Bomin changed her legal name to Yehyeon post-disbandment

RedSquare (also written as RSQ) was a 5-member girl group under ICONIC MnE. The group’s members consisted of 4 former Good Day members and another member that had debuted as a soloist. They debuted in 2020 and presumably disbanded in 2022.

Prior to debuting Green (as Genie), Chaea (as Cherry), Ari (as Nayoon), and Bomin, had all debuted in C9 Entertianment’s 10 member girl group Good Day.
Lina had debuted as a solo artist under About Entertainment with the name BLENN.

In March of 2020, About Entertainment (the group’s first company) announced that their first and only girl group, would be debuting sometime that year. In April, the company started to release faceless teasers that represented the members: “A” for Ari, “L” for Lina, “G” for Green, “B” for Bomin, and finally “C” for Chaea. They then had a video and photo teasers of the members revealed. On May 19th, the group would release their first and only album Prequel and its title track ColorFull. In December the group had annouced that they would be signing to ICONIC MnE.

In 2022, after a year of inactivity on their RedSquare social media accounts, new accounts with the name IRRIS had posted that the group would be rebranding, and members Bomin and Lina would not be in the redebuted line up. This would be the end of RedSquare as the new group would launch with Green (now I.L), Chaea (now Liv) and Ari (now Yunseul) would be joined by a 4th member, Nina, and would no longer be using the RedSquare name.

Post disbandment, Bomin changed her name legally to Kim Yehyeon and is linked to the dance crew/girl group ALDL where she reunited with 2 fellow former Good Day members, Unia (Haeun/Yeah) and Hana (Viva/Sunn). Lina is now going by her legal name Serina and is now focusing on musical acting. The 3 members that redebuted into IRRIS have a mini and single album and are planning a comeback for later in 2023.

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