Soloist Of The Week: HEZZ

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HEZZ (Hong Euijin) Profile

HEZZ [헤즈] Debut (Y-M-D): 22-03-03Label: Mellow EntertainmentMusic Videos: Korean MVs: The 8th Spring (여덟 번째 봄), I Knew I Love (사랑하게 될 줄 알았어), Churup!Albums: Korean: The 8th Spring [Single Album], I Knew I Love (사랑하게 될 줄 알았어) [Digital Single], Churup! [Single Album]Fan Name: HONG-CHA (홍차)Logo:…

HEZZ, also known as Hong Euijin, is a soloist under Mellow Entertainment. She debuted as a soloist in March of 2022, and is a former member of 2 other girl groups.

In 2014, she was introduced (while going by her real name, Euijin) as a member of the girl group Sonamoo, under the company TS Entertainment. She would debut with the group in December of that year, with the album and title track, Deja Vu.

In October of 2017, TS Entertianment announced that Euijin would be participating in the idol reboot show, The Unit, which was meant to give second chances to idols that had previously debuted but had failed to make a breakthrough. Euijin was the only TS female trainee to make it onto the show. The show aired from October until February of 2018. She would be sitting out from any Sonamoo activities while filming the show.

In 2018, after ranking #1 in the finals of the show, Euijin was allowed to debut in the winning female group, UNI.T, alongside the other 8 winning female contestants, in May of 2018. They debuted with the mini album Line and the title track No More (넘어). UNI.T would disband that October, after 5 months of promotions.

In January of 2021, it was announced that TS Entertainment would be shutting down, with no news of the groups status. Later that September, Euijin had announced that she would be signing to Mellow Entertainment (marking her leave from Sonamoo) and would be debuting as a soloist soon.

In 2022, she announced that she would be debuting as a soloist under her real name Hong Euijin. On March 3rd, her solo debut digital single, The 8th Spring, was released. In April she released her 2nd digital single, I Knew I Love (2022), which was a remake of a 2006 Shin Hyobum song. That July she had made the announcement that she would be changing her stage name to HEZZ and would be releasing her first single album, CHURUP!.