Soloist Of The Week: Serina

Serina as Ilse for Spring Awakening

Serina Profile

BLENN [블렌] | Lina [리나] | Serina [세리나] Social Media + :

Serina, also known as Lina/BLENN, is a Korean-American actress and singer-songwriter currently under no company. She debuted in as a soloist 2020 under the name BLENN but now goes by Lina or Selena.

Lina debuted as a musical actress before going into kpop. From 2016 – 2020, she performed in multiple notable musicals such as Hairspray, Les MiserablesNotre-Dame de ParisJekyll & Hide, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In March of 2020, she signed to ABOUT Entertainment. On the 19th of that month, she announced her solo debut as BLENN with her first single album DO I FEEL. In April, she was announced to be a member of ABOUT Entertainment’s new girl group RedSquare, as the letter “L”. Now going by the name Lina, she debuted with RedSquare in the group’s first and only release Prequel and its title track Colorfull. That December, the group had announced to have switched agencies and would now be under Iconic MnE.

In 2022, RedSquare announced that it would be switching companies yet again, this time to Mellow Entertainment, but would also be undergoing a rebranding as a group with new members. Bomin (now Yehyeon/Jein) and Lina would not be included in the rebranding for unknown reasons. RedSquare dissolved with the rebrand on June 10th. In November of that year, Lina announced to be preforming in a musical titled “Spring Awakening” as Ilse where she is credited by the name Serina.