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Dahye is a soloist currently under Knob Music. Shes is also a member and leader of the group Dal Shabet, who are currently on indefinite hiatus.

In 2011, Serri debuted as a member of Dal Shabet with the mini album and title track: Supa Dupa Diva, in January. She was made leader of the group when, now former member, Viki left.

In 2017, Serri and fellow Dal Shabet member, Woohee, participated in the survival show The Unit, which first began filming in October. In December of that year, Serri announced that she had decided not to renew her contract with Dreamcatcher Company, then named Happy Face Entertainment, but that she would not be leaving Dal Shabet and that the company would manage her activities on The Unit until the show ended. She placed 23rd in the semi-final of the show, making her unable to debut with UNI.T.

In 2019, it was announced that she had signed to S-Dream Company.

In 2020, Serri debuted as a soloist with the digital single and title track, Come Closer, in September. In December, she released the digital single, When You Call Me which was a part of her “Serriday 101 Project” and featured actress Minsun.

Sometime between September 2020 and June 2021, she left S-Dream Company.

In June 2021, she released the digital single, Mymy Love, under her new company Knob Music.

In October 2022, she released her 4th digital single Sleep which featured the title track Like. This release is the first part of her “Serri Days” triology.