Girl Group of the Week: Bling Bling

BlingBling for Contrast

Bling Bling Profile

Bling Bling [블링블링] Members: Social Media + :

Bling Bling was a 6-member group under MAJOR9 Entertainment that debuted in 2020. Member Yubin was known for being on Produce 48 where she ranked 88th.

In August and September of 2020, the group began releasing the members names and profiles. They released covers and performance videos until October 25, 2020, when the company announced that the group would be debuting with the digital single G.G.B.

In May of 2021 the group announces their first comeback. On the 20th of that month the group released their first and only mini album Contrast and the title track Oh Mama.

On July 26th, 2022, MAJOR9 announced that the group’s contract had been terminated, just a few months short of the groups 2-year anniversary.

Choi Jieun and Yubin decided to stay under MAJOR9 after the group’s disbandment as actresses and solo acts, though neither have debuted as either an actress or soloist. All the members opened Instagram accounts and are active on their social media.

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