æ-aespa (Aespa Avatars) Profile

L-R: ae-Giselle, ae-Winter, ae-Karina, ae-NingNing

æ-aespa (æ-에스파)

*æ-spa is a group that reflects the avatars of the real girl group Aespa. This profile is for the avatars not the real life members*

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 20-11-17
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Located in: KWANGYA & FLAT
  • Music Videos Featured in:
    • Black Mamba, Forever, Next Level, Savage, Dreams Come True, Girls
  • Fan Name:
  • Logo:


  • Name: æ-Karina
  • Reveal Date: 20-10-28
  • Species: AVATAR
  • Name: æ-Giselle
  • Reveal Date: 20-11-06
  • Species: AVATAR
  • Name: æ-Winter
  • Reveal Date: 20-11-04
  • Species: AVATAR
  • Name: æ-Ningning
  • Reveal Date: 20-11-09
  • Species: AVATAR


  • Name: nævis
  • Reveal Date: 20-10-28
  • Species: AI SYSTEM
  • Name: Black Mamba
  • Reveal Date: 20-11-17
  • Species: N/A


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