Girl Group of the Week: BeautyBox

Beauty Box for B-STEP

Beauty Box Profile

Beauty Box [뷰티박스] Members: Social Media + : Girl Group of the Week Post

Beauty Box is a 6-member girl group under BY-U Entertainment. They debuted in September 2021 with Beyond of BB. The group is made up of members with multiple nationalities. Sori and Gahyun are Korean, Rina and Sara are Japanese, Jerin is Thai and Anh is Vietnamese.

The members were first revealed in June of 2021 on YouTube. All but 1 member, Sori, were shown publicly, as Sori was a secret member until August where she was finally revealed. In September of that year, they officially debuted on the 23rd, with their first single Beyond of BB and its title track Rat-A-Tat. That November, the group announced Wibbon to be their fandom name.

In March 2022, they announced their first online concert mini concert, which was held in April. In June they announced a comeback with the mini album B-STEP and its title track, Boggle Boggle. In November of that year, the group, excluding Anh who was absent for unknown reasons, released a special single Higher Up! as support for the Korean team in the 2022 FIFA Cup. It was later announced that Anh would be on medical hiatus for the time being and that the group would promote as 5 while she was away.

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