Soloist Of The Week: Dahye

Dahye – Bad Blood

Dahye is a soloist currently under no company. Shes a former member of the group BESTie.

In 2013, Dahye debuted in the group BESTie alongside 3 other members with the digital single Pitapat. She then participated in 6 more releases with the group until 2017.

In 2017, Dahye and fellow member U.Ji announced that they had terminated their contracts with YNB Entertainment. Following this, and the departure of Hyeyeon, the group disbanded in 2018.

In March of 2020, she announced that she had signed to a new company World Star Entertainment. That October she debuted with her digital single, Poison. Later in November, she released her second digital single, Bad Blood.

Sometime between Bad Blood’s release and the end of 2021, she seems to have left World Star, as she has recently posted new profile photos to her Instagram, and she is no longer on the company’s website.