Girl Group of the Week: PRITTI-G

PRITTI-G for Love Taker

Pritti-G Profile

Pritti-G [프리티지] *This group is a redebut of the kid group PRITTI* Members: Former Member: Social Media + :

Pritti-G was originally a kid’s group, known as PRITTI, prior to their 2021 re-debut. The original group had a few line up changes before they reformed in 2021. The last members of PRITTI were Lee Jinseul, Lee Wonjeong, Sojeong, Sarang, and Yoonji. The last three stayed to form Pritti-G along with 2 other members, Yeryang & Jiyoung under Enterrobang Music.

PRITTI-G officially re-debuted on August 31st 2021 with the digital single HOLA. The next month they released a special single called Buckle Up.

In March 2022, the company announced that Yoonji had terminated her contract and had left the group. The group would continue on as 4 members. That same month, they released their second digital single Let Me Out.

August 2022, they release their 3rd digital single Love Taker.

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