Girl Group of the Week: Choa & Way (Strawberry Milk)

Choa & Way for My Universe

Choa & Way (Strawberry Milk) Profile

Choa & Way [초아 & 웨이] *With Crayon Pop unofficially disbanded this unit is now its own separate group* Formerly as: Strawberry Milk (딸기우유), Minjin X Minsun (민진 x 민선) Debut (Y-M-D): 14-10-05 Former Main Group: Crayon Pop Label: High Fly Music/Chrome Entertainment Music Videos: Korean: OK! (오케이), My Universe Albums: Korean as Strawberry Milk: Jackpot…

Choa & Way was originally a 2-member subunit for the girl group Crayon Pop. With the main groups unofficial disbandment the subunit has turned into its own group.

Made up of twins Heo Minjin (Choa) and Heo Minsun (Way), the subunit debuted as Strawberry Milk in 2014 with the mini album The 1st. Mini Album/Jackpot and the title track OK!.

The members then promoted as Crayon Pop until their next release in 2016, Vul Vol.1, which was a digital single. That same year they also released Always for the Mirror of the Witch OST Part.4. When the main group made their comeback with Evolution Pop Vol.1, the subunit released a b-side for that album called Hello. This would be the main groups latest release and also the last release the unit had as Strawberry Milk.

In 2017, the unit then release a Christmas digital single as Minjin x Minsun (the members real names) titled Christmas for You.

Sometime between 2018 and 2019 the main group would go on hiatus and all the members would be active for solo activities or active on their individual social medias. During this hiatus the unit transitions into being its own group.

The group would not release anything until 2019, when they release a digital single and MV titled My Universe, as Choa & Way.

In 2020, Choa debuted as a soloist with the song 요리송.

In 2021, she released a digital single for the YouTube channel School Food Girls called Dreaming

The members are both active on their social medias and YouTube channels.

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