Girl Group of the Week: Feistar

Fiestar during Apple Pie promotions

Fiestar Profile

Fiestar [피에스타] Debut (Y-M-D): 12-08-31Disbanded: 18-05-15Label: LEON Tree (now FAVE Entertainment)Music Videos: Korean MVs: VISTA, We Don’t Stop, I Don’t Know (아무것도 몰라요), One More (하나 더), You’re Pitiful (짠해), Mirror, Apple Pie (애플파이)Albums: Korean: “Sea of Moonlight with IU” LEON Tree Summer Special [Special Album], Wicked ft Tiger JK [Pre Release Digital Single], VISTA…

Fiestar was a 5-member group under LEON Tree (now known as FAVE Entertainment). They debuted in 2012 with 6 members, Cao Lu, Jei, Linzy, Hyemi, Cheska, and Yezi.

In 2012 LEON announced a girl group that would consist of 4 Korean members, 1 Chinese member (Cao Lu) and 1 American member (Cheska). The group made a predebut single with IU called “Sea of Moonlight”. In August, the announced a pre-release single “Wicked” which was a collab with JYJ’s Junsu. The group then officially debuts on August 31st with “Vista”. In November, they release a pre release single “Sweet Love” and make their first comeback “We Dont Stop”.

In 2013, the group has a lot of solo promotions until August, when they release a prerelease single called “Whoo!”. They then release their next comeback “Curious” with the title track “I Don’t Know”.

In 2014, LEON announces that Cheska would be leaving the group. The group then releases a collab song called “I LOVE KOREA”. In July, the group makes their first comeback as a 5-member group with “One More”.

February 2015 comes with the announcement of the groups first mini album. In March they release BLACK LABLE with the title track “You’re Pitiful”. In December, Yezi releases a single of her song she performed on Unpretty Rapstar.

In January 2016 Yezi makes her solo debut with “Foresight Dream”. The group makes a comeback in March with A Delicate Sense and the title track “Mirror”. In May, the group releases Apple Pie, which would be their last song.

On May 15th 2018, almost 2 years on hiatus, the group announces that Linzy, Hyemi, Jei, and Yezi decided not to renew their contracts and that the group would disband that day.

After disbanding, Cao Lu, Jei and Linzy are now actress and Hyemi and Yezi are both soloists.

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