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GirlKind – Good Vibes Only


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GirlKind was a 4-member group under Nextlevel Entertainment. Originally a 5-peice, they debuted with Medic Jin, JK (or Jikang), Xeheun, Sun J and Ellyn. Known for their interesting sound and amazing vocals the group disbanded in August 2022.

On January 17th 2018, their debut single, “Fanci”, was released and described as a dance hip hop tack. Fanci was followed a mixtape called “Broccoli”. Their second official comeback, released in June, was called “S.O.R.R.Y” (Story Of Remember in Recent Year). Medic Jin wasnt seen in videos starting in July and sometime later announced a hiatus for medical reasons. In October, Xeheun makes her solo debut with “Vibe On”.

In March 2019, Jikang makes her solo debut with “Split”. By May, all 5 members are active and hints of a comeback are underway. In August, they debut their first subunit GIRLKIND XJR, which consist of members Jikang and Xeheun.

In March of 2020, Sun J goes on hiatus to focus more on her studies. The group releases their first comeback single as 4 members, “Future”, also in March. In April, the company announces Sun J has decided to leave the group to focus on her studies. They release “Pycho 4 U” in November of the same year.

In July 2021, they release their 5th single, “Good Vibes Only”. Ellyn participates in the show, My Teenage Girl, where she was eliminated in episode 3, during first eliminations.

In 2022, they announce a concert series in Japan “GIRLKIND Tokyo Live 2022” where it was held from April to May. In August 2022, the company deletes all the content off of their social media accounts or deletes the accounts entirely, causing fans to fear disbandment. Later that month, Nextlevel Entertainment announce that the group has decided to disband due to internal struggles. The group officially disbands on the 13th of August after 5 years of activity.