Soloist Of The Week:

Yukika – Scent

Yukika is a Japanese singer and actress under Ubuntu Entertainment. Before her Korean debut she was known as a Japanese nicomo (a model for a specific Japanese magazine called Nicola). She then later debuted in 2008 as a member of the idol duo Choco & Mimi as Choco. This group was based off of a drama series by the same name, which Yukika was an actress in.

She debuted in Korea as a member of the project girl group, Real Girls Project, in 2017. The group was formed for the tv drama The Idolmaster KR, a Korean version of a Japanese show by the same name. This group presumably disbanded after the groups promotions finished and the show ended in 2018.

In 2018, Yukika auditioned and was accepted on to the idol survival show MIXNINE where she represented MOLE Entertianment, along with 3 other contestants. She was eliminated in ep. 10 where she held the rank of 34.

In 2019, she was revealed to be under Estimate Entertainment, where she then debuted as a soloist with her city-pop inspired single “Neon”. She then released an additional single and a full-length album under Estimate, before announcing she would be leaving the company in 2020.

She then signed to Ubuntu Entertainment in December of 2020, a company founded and run by her former manager. In 2021 she releases her first mini album and another single.

In 2022, she announces that she would be getting married and also releases another single album.