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BoA [Beat of Angel] (보아)

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 00-08-25 (KR) | 01-05-30 (JP) | 08-10-21 (US)
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Music Videos:
    • Korean MVs: ID; Peace B, Sara, Dont Start Now, No.1, Destiny, Valenti (KR Ver), Atlantis Princess, Double (KR Ver), Rock With You (KR Ver), Shine We Are! (KR Ver), Jwewl Song (KR Ver), My Name, Merry Chri (메리-크리; Merry Christmas), Girls On Top, MOTO, Everlasting (KR Ver), Hurricane Venus, Copy & Paste, Only One (Dance Ver), The Shadow, Disturbance (그런 너), Who Are You? (ft. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko), Kiss My Lips, Camo, Nega Dola (내가 돌아), One Shot, Two Shot, Woman, Feedback (ft. Nucksal), Starry Night (ft. Crush), Better
      • SMSTATION: No Matter What (with Beenzino), Music is Wonderful (BeatBurger ft. BoA), Spring Rain (봄비), Man in the Mirror (LIVE) (with Siedah Garret)
    • Japanese MVs: Amazing Kiss, Listen To My Heart, Every Heart -Minna no Kimichi- (Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-), Valenti, Kiseki (奇跡; Miracle), Jewel Song, Shine We Are!, Double (JP Ver), Rock With You (JP Ver), Meri Kuri (メリクリ; Merry Christmas), Do the Motion, Dakishimeru (抱きしめる; Holding You), Everlasting (JP Ver), Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~ (七色の明日, Rainbow’s Tomorrow), Key of Heart, Winter Love, Sweet Impact, Love Letter, Be With You., Kissing You, Sparkling, Eternity (永遠; Eien), Bump! Bump!, Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ (まもりたい ~White Wishes~; Want to Protect ~White Wishes~), Woo Weekend, Milestone (Short Ver.), Only One (Short JP Ver.), Tail of Hope (Short Ver), Message (Short Ver), First Time (Short Ver.) Fly (Short Ver.), Lookbook (Short Ver), Kiss My Lips (Short JP Ver), Meri Kuri (メリクリ) (15th Anniverasry) (Short Ver), Jazzclub, Watashi Kono Mama de li no Kana (私このままでぃぃのかな; Am I Okay Like This?), Amor, Suki dayo ~My Love~ (スキだよ -My Love-) (Image Movie),
    • English MVs: Eat You Up, Eat You Up (Cha Ver.), I Did It For Love, Energetic
  • Albums:
    • Korean: ID; Peace B [Full Album], Don’t Start Now – Jumping into the World [Special 1.5 Album], No.1 [Full Album], Miracle [Specal 2.5 Album], Atlantis Princess [Full Album], Double [Single Album], Rock With You [Single Album], Shine We Are! [Special 3.5 Album], My Name [Full Album], Merry Christmas [Single Album], Girls On Top [Full Album], MOTO [Full Album Repackage], Everlasting [Single Album], Key of Heart [Digital Single], Hurricane Venus [Full Album], Copy & Paste [Full Album Repackage], One Dream (with Shinee’s Key & Henry) [Digital Single], Only One [Full Album], Younique Album Lookin’ (with The Quiett) [Digital Single], Disturbance [Digital Single], Action [Digital Single], Kiss My Lips [Full Album], Camo [Digital Single], Nega Dola [Pre Release Single], One Shot, Two Shot [Mini Album], Woman [Full Album], Feedback [Digital Single], Starry Night [Mini Album], Better [Full Album]
      • SMSTATIONS: Winter Garden: Christmas Paradise [Digital Single], No Matter What [Digital Single], Music is Wonderful [Digital Single], Spring Rain [Digital Single], Man in the Mirror (LIVE) [Digital Single]
      • Collabs: Little Bird (with VOUGE KOREA) [Digital Single]
      • OSTs: “Sunshine” Love Me Not OST (2006), “Fog” M OST (2007), “My Only One” Paradise Ranch OST Part.2 (2011), “Between Heaven and Hell” Shark OST (2013), “Let Me In” Make Your Move 3D OST (2014), Hit The Top OST (with Mad Clown) (2017)
    • Japanese: ID; Peace B [Single Album], Amazing Kiss [Single Album], Kimochi wa Tsutawaru [Single Album], Listen To My Heart [Single Album], Listen To My Heart [Full Album], Every Heart -Minna no Kimichi- [Single Album], Don’t Start Now [Single Album], Peace B. Remixes [Remix Album], Valenti [Single Album], Kiseki/No.1 [Single Album], Jewel Song/Beside You -Boko wo Yobu Koe- [Single Album], Valenti [Full Album], Shine We Are!/Earthsong [Single Album], Next World [Remix Album], Double [Single Album], Rock With You [Single Album], Love & Honesty [Full Album], Be The One [Single Album], K-pop Selection [Best Album], Quincy/Kono Yo no Shirushi [Single Album], Merry Christmas [Single Album], Best Of Soul [Best Album], Do The Motion [Single Album], Make A Secret [Single Album], Dakishimeru [Single Album], Merry Chirstmas from BoA [Special Album], Everlasting [Single Album], Outgrow [Full Album], Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Start~/Your Color [Single Album], Key of Heart/Dotch [Single Album], Winter Love [Single Album], Made in Twenty (20) [Full Album], Sweet Impact [Single Album], Love Letter [Single Album], Lose Your Mind [Single Album], The Face [Full Album], Be With You. [Single Album], Vivid [Single Album], BoA Live Tour 2008 -The Face- [Live Album], Eternity/Universe/Believe in Love [Single Album], Best & USA [Best Album], Bump! Bump! [Single Album], Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ [Single Album], Identity [Full Album], Woo Weekend [Single Album], I See Me [Digital Single], BoA Summer Selection 2011 [Digital Compilation Album], Milestone [Single Album], Only One [Single Album], Tail of Hope [Single Album], Message/Call My Name [Single Album], BoA Winter Ballad Selection 2013 [Digital Compilation Album], Shout It Out [Single Album], Masayume Chasing [Single Album/Fairy Tail OST], Who’s Back? [Full Album], Fly [Single Album], BoA Winter Ballad Selection 2014 [Digital Compilation Album], Lookbook [Single Album], Make Me Complete [Digital Single], Right Here, Right Everywhere [Digital Single], Jazzclub [Digital Single], Watashi Kono Mama de li ho Kana [Full Album], Unchained [Special Album], Amor [Digital Single], Suki dayo ~My Love~ [Digital Single], Suki dayo ~My Love~/Amor [Single Album], Wishing Well [Digital Single], I Believe [Single Album], My Dear [Digital Single]
      • OSTs: “Masayume Chasing” Fairy Tail OP, “Make Me Complete” Oh! Oku OST,
    • English: Eat You Up [Digital Single], BoA [Full Album], I Did it For Love [Digital Single], BoA (Deluxe) [Deluxe Full Album], Energetic (Radio Edit) [Digital Single]
  • Fan Name: Jumping Boa (KR) | SOUL (JP)
  • Logo:

  • Real Name: Kwon Boa (권보아)
  • Birthday (Y-M-D): 86-11-05
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 160cm | 5ft 3in
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Also in: Girls On Top: GOT the beat

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