June 2021: Comebacks/Debuts/Disbandments

Happy June!! All June Comebacks/Debuts/Disbandments etc will be located here! If I miss something please let me know in the comments!


C: Chinese, K: Korean, E: English, T: Thai, O: Other, MV: MV Release

  • Upcoming/Announced
    • DIA [Comeback]
    • BlackSwan
    • G.I.G [Debut]
    • DMZA [Debut]
    • Ice Cream [Debut]
    • ZeroSix [Debut]
    • Hi-L [Debut]
    • Peach Day [Debut]
    • Busters X [Redebut]
    • Mystic Story GG [Debut] (JULY – DEC)
    • YG New GG [Debut] (JULY-DEC)
    • Good Luck GG (June-Sept)
    • Red Velvet [Comeback] (AUG)
    • Rocket Punch [JPN Debut] (AUG)

Disbandments/Line Up Changes:

  • Haseul came off hiatus (LOONA) – June 1st
  • XUM disbanded – June 1st
  • Momoka and Miku join PinkFantasy (as guests) – June 10th
  • Dohee and Chole join Cignature – June 13th
  • flor_us disbanded – June 28th

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