Joy (Red Velvet) Profile

Joy’s Hello Poster

Joy (조이)

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 21-05-31
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Music Videos:
  • Albums:
    • Korean: Je t’aime [Pre-release Single], Hello [Remake Album]
      • SM Stations: Always In My Heart (with Im Seulong)
      • OSTs: “A Fox”, “I’m Okay” (with Lee Hyun-woo), “Your Days”, “Shiny Boy”, “Waiting For You”, “The Road to Me” The Liar and His Lover OST (2017), “Can’t Believe It” Tempted OST Part.2 (2018), “Dream Me” The Ghost Detective OST Part.6 (with Mark [NCT]) (2018), “Introduce me to a good person” Hospital Playlist OST Part.2 (2020), “Why Isn’t Love Always Easy” Romance 101 OST (2021)
      • Collabs: “Young Love” (with Yook Sungjae), “First Christmas” (with Doyoung [NCT]) Inkigayo Music Crush
      • Features: “Mayday” homemade1 – Crush
  • Fan Name: ReVeLuv (same as group)
  • Logo:

  • Real Name: Park Sooyoung (박수영)
  • Birthday (Y-M-D): 96-09-03
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Also in: Red Velvet

Social Media + :

Personal SNS: IG – _imyour_joy|TikTok

Group SNS:

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