Hyoyeon (HYO) Profile

hyoyeon – deep

Hyoyeon [HYO] (효연)

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 16-12-02
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Music Videos:
  • Albums:
    • Korean: Mystery [Station Digital Single], Wannabe [Digital Single], Sober [Digital Single], Badster [Digital Single], Dessert [Digital Single], Second [Digital Single], DEEP [Mini Album]
      • SMSTATIONS: Born to be Wild
      • Collabs: Punk Right Now (3LAU)
      • Features: Up and Down (Why – Taeyeon), Time (with Sunny & NCT’s Taeyong) (Hitchhiker)
  • Fan Name: Sone (same as group)
  • Logo:

Social Media + :


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