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hyolyn – iCE

Hyolyn (효린)

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 13-11-26
  • Label: bridʒ (Bridge) Entertainment
  • Music Videos:
  • Albums:
    • Korean: Love & Hate, Love Like This [Pre Release Single], One Step [Pre Release Single], It’s Me, To Do List [Digital Single], Dally [Digital Single] See Sea [Digital Single], Bae [Digital Single], #xhyolynx [Digital Single], Say My Name, Spell [Digital Single], To Find A Reason [Digital Single], Layin’ Low [Digital Single], Waka Boom [Pre Release Single], iCE [Mini Album]
      • Collabs: Erase [Single], Dark Panda [Single], Love Line [Single], Jekyll & Hyde [Single], Blue Moon [Single], Fruity [Single], Hug Me Silently (#xhyolynx), Joker & Holly-Queen – $ÜN [Digital Single]
      • Features: “One and Only You” [Eyes On You] – GOT7
      • OSTs: “Me Because You” Glory Jane OST Part.1 (2011), “I Choose to Love You” How to Love Smart 2 OST (2012), “Super Star” with Ailee and Jiyeon Dream High 2 OST Part 4 (2012), “Crazy of You” Master’s Sun OST Part.3 (2013), “Good Bye” My Love from the Star OST Part 4 (2014), “Let It Go” Frozen Korean OST (2014), “Come A Little Closer” Warm and Cozy OST Part.3 (2015), “Turn Around” Little Prince OST (2015), “I Miss You” Uncontrollably Fond OST Part 5 (2016), “Always” Deserving of the Name OST Part 2 (2017), “Our Tears” Hwarang OST Part 5 (2017), “Spring Watch” Black Knight OST Part.3 (2017), “Dreamy Love” Money Flower OST Part.4 (2018), “Just Stay” 30 But 17 OST Part.2 (2018), “Stay” My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment OST Part.1 (2019), “Return” My Dangerous Wife OST Part.1 (2020)
      • Other: Queendom 2 Part 1-1 [Digital Single], Queendom 2: Part 2-2 [Digital Single], Queendom 2: Position Unit Battle Part 1-2 [Digital Single],  Queendom 2: FANtastic Part 1-2 [Digital Single], Queendom 2: Final [Digital Single], Queendom 2: Epilogue [Digital Single]
  • Fan Name: Bae
  • Logo:

  • Real Name: Kim Hyojung (김효정)
  • Birthday (Y-M-D): 90-12-11
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 164cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Formerly in: SISTAR, SISTAR 19
  • Also in: Hyolyn & Dasom

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