Yeri (Red Velvet) Profile

yeri x sam kim – nap fairy

Yeri (예리)

  • Debut (Y-M-D): 19-03-14
  • Label: SM Entertainment
  • Music Videos:
  • Albums:
    • Korean: SM Station 3: Dear Diary, SM Station: Nap Fairy
      • Collabs: Woman on the Beach – Cool Summer Project 2020, Sorrow – Cool Summer Project 2020, “Snow Dream 2021” 2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU Express (with NCT’s Haechan, Chenle, and Jisung, and Aespa’s Ningning)
      • Features: Tuesday is Better than Monday – Giant Pink, Your Warmth – Babylon
      • OSTs: “Hair in the Air” DreamWorks Trolls x SM STATION (with NCT’s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin) (2018), “It’s You” Blue Birthday OST (2021)
  • Logo: N/A

  • Real Name: Kim Yerim (김예림)
  • Birthday (Y-M-D): 99-03-05
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: N/A
  • Blood Type: O
  • Also in: Red Velvet

Social Media + :

Personal SNS:
Group SNS:

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